The outdoor markets in Spain, began to be covered in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth. These Municipal markets were often made with steel constructions, structures, this material, iron was new for architecture, rectangular on the sides. It was a place for the food trade, but also fulfilled a social function, which met the neighborhood.

When I was young I remember well that I went there, standing in the queue, while I looked at all the products around me. I heard conversations about parties, illnesses, recipes, family, work, etc. everything was discussed.
The market reflects the needs of society. With the coming of supermarkets and department stores, many of these markets were closed. In Madrid, as well as La Boqueria in Barcelona, ??received other destinations. Now these are culinary centers, quality, with specialized mode, where you can enjoy tapas, eating your meal, or even buying books .
In Madrid there are three, all three saints! San Miguel, San Anton and San Fernando. At all three, you can buy food. San Miguel has a renovated traditional architecture with a modern twist, where you can enjoy delicious tapas, it’s touristy and not cheap. The second market is more design, with a rooftop restaurant, definitely special, but also exclusive. The third market is the most alternative without spectacular structures, the market of unexpected products, including books, but also fruit that you find nowhere else. In all these three markets concerts and other cultural activities are organized. In the future I will this further messages.

San Miquel: Plaza de San Miguel, (al lado de la plaza Mayor)
San Antón: Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 24
San Fernando: Embajadores, 41

Illustration/ Photos: Angeles Nieto



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