I was 7 years old when my best friend, Mª Luisa, gave to me a postcard as a gift. It fascinated me, it was one of those cards with a three-dimensional effect, it seemed like you could enter in it. I had never seen anything like it. Her sister Antonia earlier had given this card to her other sister Loli as a gift for her name day. The card was sent from Barcelona to Madrid. Loli gave the card as gift to my girlfriend Mª Luisa, and she gave it to me. I always thought the card was “magical” so special. I brought the card during my move from Madrid to the Netherlands, and I kept them and forget for a long time.

One day I showed the card to my daughter Julia, then 6 years old, she did not like it very much. I told her she could use the card as a bookmark. Later at one moment I missed the card, I had not see it for a long time. We went looking everywhere, but the card did not appear. In that moment of loss, I realized the value of this object.

Almost a year later I went to the library with my daughter to find a book for her. When I tried to get a book from the bookcase, 8 books fell on the floor and there lay between them … my postcard. Incredibly, magic, but a truly fairy tale.

Now I have them on my bed table, and when I look at it, I think of this story. I can not avoid to smile. There seem to be “transparent wires” to connect those things…


Photos: Ángeles Nieto


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