Yesterday, the snow has surprised us. A gray day in which everything was covered by the white. I remember when I was little the happiness when my mother woke us up with the message that it had snowed. I jumped out of my bed. Yesterday I did the same with my children.
One of the things that I like in the Netherlands, the course of the seasons. The same landscape changes completely. Today, it is very bright and the light from the beginning of the afternoon looks more like the Spanish light. Everything gets more sharpness and contrast are larger, the white gives the landscape even more light .
I ‘m always surprised to see that everything is white without snow (eg . Our cat, the cows, the chair in the garden) in days with snow are cream or light gray. Eskimos should see more shades of white then we do. I believe it.
Tonight the moon is in its first quarter. Through the snow it looks like full moon. The snow reflects its light at night, it’s special, everything is much more exposed.

Photos: Angeles Nieto



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