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Yesterday I walked with the “Volksuniversiteit” in Germany, near Aachen, around Würselen and Wilhelmstein. A countryside with hills running down and up again, water flowed through the countryside, there were many sources. The erosion was visible. Walking up and down all day today I suffer from muscle pain.


It’s spring, you smell it, and hear it. The landscape was full of green color in its nuances, this bright yellow-green of new growing plants, the blue-green of the plants that have year-round leafs. Between the branches grow subtle green dots, the new flora. In this area many trees show their roots.

Photograph by Angeles Nieto

Sea and jungle

The geological structure of the landscape has determined how it is now, and how the people lived here. It is 300 million years ago that a deep sea withdrew from these areas. On that spot became jungles that were later flooded by the sea. This process was repeated many times, that is why you will find in this region more than 200 layers of carbon, the man used it and emerged as a mine region. The sources of this proces are still visible, Yesterday one of the walkers found a fossil plant.


Marion, our guide opened the flower of an arum plant she found on the way. When the flower is ready for pollination this flower is about 10 degrees warmer than the environment, and begins to smell manure or rotting. This attracts flies and mosquitoes. Arum keeps the insects caught one day, and then they can escape, but laden with pollen, to fertilize other Arums.

Photograph by Angeles Nieto

The path

Everything flows, everything is connected. There are many similarities in form and color. The way the roof of the fortress of Wurm is built; the fossil found on the hand; the cracks of the medieval door through the passage of time; the folds in the hand; the holes in the wall with images that prevent evil. You feel that you are part of the landscape and the road opens. As Machado (Spanish poet and writer) said: “Wanderer, there is no path, the path makes your course.”

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Photos: Ángeles Nieto

Photograph by Angeles Nieto




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