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I am from Madrid, the dry Castilian plateau. Now I live in the Netherlands and have discovered in these lowlands, where water is so close to the ground, is the mist. This is wonderful. It is most common in the autumn and in the spring, at sunrise or sunset. Last December I made close at my home these pictures. Pure magic.


I searched in Wikipedia the significance of the phenomenon in order to discover the secret formula of this magic. What do you think of the answer? It is surprising how physics sometimes approach to poetry. “We speak of mist when the visibility is limited by tiny water droplets. These water droplets (or cloud droplets) are approximately 1 to 10 micrometers in size, while a raindrop is typically a thousand times as large.
The atmosphere always contains a certain amount of water vapor, which is usually a portion is condensed on condensation nuclei, such as fine dust, pollen, and especially salt crystals.


Mist is common in the cold atmosphere beneath the warm air.
The only difference between the mist and fog is the intensity of the particles, expressed in terms of visibility: If the weather has a view of 1 km or less, this is considered as fog; and as you can see more than 1 km, the phenomenon is considered to be mist. Seen from a distance, the fog takes on the hue of the sky (gray / blue), while the mist is whiter. The mist makes the sunlight visible, but the fog due to its high density, does not show the sunlight.


Photos: Ángeles Nieto




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    ynze de wit
    January 13, 2016 at 4:05 pm

    Heel erg mooi! Dierbaar plekje,vaak gelopen met de honden!

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