Amsterdam shows itself at its best, is organizing for the third time this light festival, interesting, beautiful and cozy.
The artwork, the Christmas lights of the city, the silhouette of his buildings, the view through the windows of the houses of Amsterdam and you feel that you are experiencing something special.
You can see see artificial international projects, very different in approach and therefore very interesting. The artworks are posted at the Plantage neighborhood, and many integrate art into their surroundings. I loved the work of “Flawless” at the Artis Square, designed by Gonzalo Bascuñan and Perrire Vichet. The leaves are flying over the water, with a green light, behind the flamingos, the sound of the wind completes it. The work “Landscape Lumen” at Henri Polaklaan is special, almost magical. people – trees, people – birds, hands embrace trees, beautiful.
A large group of people walking along the same route, it is cozy. There are plenty of bars to drink and warm up. The light festival amsterdam illuminade has two routes by boat “Watercolors” (until 18-1-2015) and the “Illuminade” (until 4-1-2015). Worth to see right now or next year.

Photo’s: Angeles Nieto



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