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Illustration-photo by Angeles Nieto

The theme of creativity fascinates me, it is important and it is a pleasure being creative. Creativity is a quality that we all possess and which you should encouraged. This year I have written several articles on this subject and now I give a selection of them. I advise you to read these 5 items in order to understand the development and functioning of creativity. We all need creativity.


Photo - illustration by Angeles Nieto


1.- The value of creativity

 We are creative and can enhance this capacity. A creative person is flexible, and creates new opportunities. In this article I show the need for creativity.

Creativity can be learned as learning to read. Ken Robinson


Photo - illustration by Angeles Nieto


2.- 10 keys to find creative inspiration

How do you come to inspiration and how this can lead to creativity. In this article you can read how to stimulate this proces.


Photo - illustration by Angeles Nieto


3.- 10 creative techniques to get ideas

In this article you will find simple techniques that will help to generate new ideas.

Creativity is the ability to connect things.” Steve Jobs


Photo - illustration by Angeles Nieto


4.- Why imagination is needed? 10 reasons to encourage

Innovation is possible thanks to creativity, creativity comes from the imagination. Do you want to know more?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Einstein


Photo - illustration by Angeles Nieto


5.- Your brains are creative

Knowing how the brains work will allow us to use them in the most effective manner.

“Your brains are the most powerful computer in existence, not only it has the unlimited potential to change your life … but the world” Shelley Carsom


Articles, photos, illustration: Ángeles Nieto




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