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I’ve always believed that creative inspiration as a ”miracle” does not exist. However, there is a spark which can germinate ideas spontaneously and naturally.

Inspiration comes from the Latin word Inspiratio, process of breathing, which causes the air enters our lungs. Inspiration also means mentally stimulating thoughts. The artistic inspiration has its origin in the Hellenistic culture. Here emerged the figure of the muse, a goddess who inspired men to create.

Inspiration is part of the creative process. Inspiration is like fuel for a car, as the outbreak of irrational and unconscious creativity.

There are a number of factors that stimulate the creative inspiration making it recognizable.

1.- Observe

Every artist is an observer. Ideas do not come from nowhere, there are experiences necessary to shape the ideas. The basis of any knowledge starts with the observation, therefore we recognize the outside world through our senses. Try to observe the world through the eyes of a child, as if it is the first time you see it; walk through your home like you never did, like a tourist who has just discovered a new place.

2. Ask yourself, unleash your imagination

For children there is a natural curiosity about the world around them, they want to know why and how. Maintain this posture as an adult, it brings you deepening and reflection. When you try to answer your curiosity, do it with your imagination. Consider solutions to everyday things, you wonder why is snow white?

3. Work, create, research

To control an activity requires many hours of work, it’s like learning a new language. Start investigation, retouch, make a mistake, correct it and make mistakes again. The more you know, the easier it will be to connect concepts and ideas, it brings you closer to the inspiration. Be attentive during this process, sometimes appear interesting “coincidences”, inspiring discoveries. Behind every work of an artist are often dozens of sketches, designs and discarded concepts we do not see.

“Inspiration exists, but you have to find while you are working.” Picasso

4. Let it go wrong

Allow it goes wrong while working, creating. You learn a lot more from a thousand mistakes than one thing well done. You have to fail many times before it goes well. Without fear you feel relaxed and free. Then it goes smoother, easier and with more fun. Perfection does not exist. The scars are part of life, they enrich it.

5. Relaxation

Relax is essential in the inspiration and creation. My best ideas I got under the shower. During relaxation, the brains solve complex problems. Steve Jobs did meditation and was a follower of the Zen philosophy. “Creativity is the ability to connect things.” Steve Jobs. This capacity usually occurs when the mind is calm and relaxed, in a state of receptivity. According to the Zen philosophy is the secret of creativity to stop forcing, enjoy the scenery and see how everything flows and connects.

Illustration by Angeles Nieto

6. Get out of your reference

Education, the society in which you live, give us our experience, a fixed pattern from which we move and think and from which we understand the world in a certain way. Our model is not the only one. Try to see things from the eyes of other cultures, from different points of view. “If you want different results, you should not always do the same” Einstein

7. Spend time with your passion

If it can not be your job, spend a lot of time on your hobbies. Creativity has to do with passion. If there is passion, there is an inner strength that individual action on it, then it seems that the time stops and begins intense enjoyment. If we give ourselves to something we love our receptivity is greater.

8. Be in touch with culture

In contact with culture is very inspiring. Listen to music, watch theater, go to the ballet, visit exhibitions. The approach of working by other artists is to meet their other creative processes, their thoughts, to meet their conclusions. To see that, always gives me a desire to work, it provides me me with energy.

9. Mix knowledge of different specialties. Connecting elements that have nothing to do with each other.

Use the knowledge of a particular area and apply it to a whole other level. There will be born something new, interesting and unexpected connections can emerge. I think cooking and painting have many things in common.

10. Give yourself time

There is a moment when the brains unite relationships and elements and will lead you to an idea. Give yourself time, keep thinking, associate, connect and relax. Play this game enjoy it maybe the miracle happens and it becomes a divine inspiration.

And you? How do you find your inspiration?

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Illustration by Angeles Nieto

Illustration: Ángeles Nieto




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    August 23, 2016 at 4:13 pm

    Nice article! It’s always good to share ideas with others about this special item.
    I do collage when I’m stuck, there I allow myself to do things that I would never do drawing or with sculpture. And I treat myself when I can with a good live concert that seems to fill me with the energy that I don’t find in visual arts.
    Thank you for sharing!

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