From the moment I start to work until I stop, I got on the radio. I like the radio. Especially I listen RNE (Radio Nacional de España), news, music, thematic programs. The subject matter is diverse and I learn a lot from it and I know the cultural agendas in Spain. In the first years I was in the Netherlands, I listened to the Dutch radio, to learn the language, know the country. I wanted to know everything about the place where I lived, it was new, a great adventure and still fascinates the Netherlands me.

Lately I listen often RNE. I do not know if it’s the age, but I think the recognition of small things from the past is lovely. The RNE are talking about Don Quijote, TV programs such as “La edad de Oro” as the philosopher María Zambrano, songs of Serrat “Para la libertad”. I know that this memory ends end “80’s” when I came to live in the Netherlands, and here met ??the TV program „Toen „geluk heel gewoon was” the „Paarse Kabinet”, or the songs of Harry Jekkers (De man in de wolken). I am here and I am there. In the Netherlands, they call me the Spanish in Spain, the Dutch.

Illustration: Angeles Nieto


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