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Should we die without art? 9 reasons why we need art

Can you imagine a world without songs without dance, without drawings. Children who don’t sing, dance or be creative are unhappy. Prehistoric people, already painted, they made music and told their stories. Yes, we would die without art. But…

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February 27 Everything in Curacao is color. I feel comfortable, the color of the houses is the same as my palette. The yellow of the shops, the red pebbles, the turquoise sea, pink walls, white sandy beaches. Walk through…

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Overcome those creative blockades

There are days where ideas are not bubbling, it is as if creativity has dried up, and usually this occurs at the moment when we need it most. We all have creative blocks, we limit ourselves to preconceived concepts…

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Art Journal, Curacao 1

February 26, Saturday The plane is like a time machine, (capsule). We go back to the past, five hours. The first feeling when leaving the plane is the heat and humidity. Where did I felt the same? In Amsterdam,…

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I like very much to enter a shop with art materials, all the colors are nicely arranged in the showcases, it’s for me like a candy store for a kid. You know the feeling to go to a crowded…

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