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When I paint or illustrate, I choose before I start, the dominant colors in the work. Often it is not the choice of one particular color, I want to capture a mood, for example, the color of the town square. Memory is not a certainty and a photograph is never exact. That’s why I bring from everywhere bits “earth” with me, and so I’ve built my collection. The contents of these bottles come from La Mancha. It’s interesting how this earth determines the colors of the natural landscape and the colors of the structures there.

I try to reproduce color tones and it is always surprising. The reference to earth is fundamental. I learn a lot of color by imitating this earth. For example, in the colors of these bottles of La Mancha, I am surprised by the amount of gray shades that are in it.

I think this method is a good way to study, observe and choose tones that harmonize.



Photos/ art: Ángeles Nieto



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