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February 27

Everything in Curacao is color. I feel comfortable, the color of the houses is the same as my palette. The yellow of the shops, the red pebbles, the turquoise sea, pink walls, white sandy beaches. Walk through Willemstad between the colonial buildings with many colors, give me energy and inspiration. Curacao is the island of color.


Blog about Curacao by Angeles Nieto


February 28

Understanding color is understand the light. Color in Europe differs from the tropics. Northern Europe is full of grayish tones, the clouds cover the colors; In the Caribbean everything shines through the sun, colors are bright.

The color is light reflecting on the objects. The color changes depending on the varying intensity of the light received by the object. In Curacao colors are full, intense light. Here the color value is very high because the amount of light intensity is also.

March 1

The difference is all in the light.


Blog about Curacao by Angeles Nieto


March 2

Light vibrates, is close, blinded to sight. Everything is full of nuances, you can see many shades of the same color. There are fascinating variations of blue; How the landscape changes from azure blue sky to turquoise blue sea turquoise.

March 3

Remarkably, people in countries with so much light paint their houses in all colors, their clothes, their art.


Blog about Curacao by Angeles Nieto


March 4

What is my favorite color? What a difficult question? For a while it was blue, that’s changed to red and later to orange. My brother always chose for yellow, and I never understood his choice. I think after my visit to this Caribbean island, I know what the answer is, my favorite color is Curacao.

Do you want to know more about the values of color:

Creatieve, kleurrijke reis…


Photo’s: Ángeles Nieto


Blog about Curacao by Angeles Nieto




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