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The red evening, warm, soft, relaxing, fresh scents that go through the city (meet).
I think to sit at the side of the channel and let me embrace by the setting sun, this summer evening evening, red, orange, hot. That summer night.

The title of this painting and the music is “Summertime”. This music gives the perfect sound for these images. This painting is part of my new series based on Jazz music. It is inspired by Amsterdam, the neighborhood where I lived, the Plantation neighborhood.


I also like the version of Janis Joplin:

Picture: “Summertime”.
Dimensions: 95 x 145 cm
12 monotypes, all different versions.
Mixed media (acrylic, ink, wax, oil, pulp, paper, rope on canvas.)
More information:
Music: version of Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

Photos: Ángeles Nieto. Entrepotdok and the new square of Artis Zoo in Amsterdam.


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