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I think that the basis of any creative process is the experiment. Each artist is searching for its own language, its own style. The artistic theories are fixed, but how you interpret them, makes the difference. Experimentation is fundamental, then the process is more important then the final product. With this experiment, the shapes melt and the colors mingle. You have to open your eyes and be guided by what happened. Thanks to the frozen water light comes through all angles (bottom, side, top) and thin paint is lifted, creating very interesting effects. The ice melts, the paint moves through the ice and changes continually. The salt creates “ways”. In fact, it is a chemical process. There is a continuous change, which can only be recorded with pictures/ film. Experimentation is like a game. I found this idea as a child game. Well … shall we be children?


You need: 1) A container to freeze the water. Choose a good one because it gives shape to the ice. 2) Fill it with water. Freeze. 3) Remove the ice from the freezer and put it on a flat surface, with white color. This makes the color of the paint more intens. The white reflects the light. 4) Sprinkle with plenty of salt. 5) Paint the ice with ink with a brush or sponge. The magic begins …

Enjoy it!


Photos/ ice sculptures: Ángeles Nieto


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