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I have made a serie of collages with animals, daily (used) elements. If anything, an object is used in a different way, and in a different context, it’s changed, and it is another thing. Knots become eyes, sticks become stars, the tail is an electrical cable. So I create an image not only with paint, but also by sawing, hammering, drilling, embroidery. Like this giraffe swallows chinese insect.
There are many ways to interpret these collages. The choice of the objects are not accidental, they define the objects I want to portray. For example, the insect that is swallowed by the giraffe, is made with entangled ball of thread, which in turn depict the movements of the flying insect, or for example his body have parts of a Chinese newspaper, Chinese words I do not understand, unreadable, as the strange language of the insects, which I also do not understand.
The series of six different animals, monotypes, which you can see on

Photos/ Collage: Angeles Nieto



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