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Exist inspiration?

“Inspiration” does not exist, I thought, working, yes. Visiting an exhibition of the painter Miquel Barceló in the Fundación Caixa Forum in Madrid, has changed my mind. Barceló is one of my favorite painters. His exhibition inspires. It gives power to develop and to use new ways and techniques. Huge canvases in which the matter is most important in the painting. Where the images are simple, where spontaneity and chance are permitted.

I was touched by seeing one of my favorite paintings from Barceló from his first period, a work that I only knew from books, “Giorgine a Felanitx” from 1984. Majestic freely painted. In which different color spots, if you take any distance, change into a lobster-like creature.  Also wonderful in terms of idea was “El craneo the Pinocho”, bronze sculpture, where the skull has a long nose. It’s proof that Pinochio existed. As a final conclusion of the exhibition the painting “La solitude organisative” (300 cm x 400 cm), where the power and the use of space and the total composition grabs you. A gorilla, full size on an immense canvas, his self-portrait. Inspiration exists, not as something “divine” “heavenly”, but like food.





El craneo de Pinocho

La solitude organisative

La solitude organisative2


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