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The secret to be creative: laughing

Illustration and post by Angeles Nieto

Do you want to know the secret of being creative? Nothing simpler, “laughing”. How, what relationship is there between laugh and creativity? A lot! The laugh encourages creativity. Laughter and creativity function in the same way, it is a connection of two seemingly unrelated ideas. The laugh encourages creativity. It works by the same mechanism, it connects two ideas that do not seem to match each other. The brain finds something funny when something is said to be logically like an unexpected turn. A joke is effective if it is unpredictable, inconsistent and surprising. We are laughing at absurd solutions. Laughing is also a powerful form of communication and a source of social association.

“The Discoverer Shackleton in 1913, published this ad: “Men searched for dangerous travel. Basic salary. Extreme cold. Long months of complete darkness. Constant danger. Not sure to come back alive. Honors and recognition in case of success.” He wanted to reach the South Pole by boat. Five thousand men responded to the ad. To choose, one of the questions the adventurer asked them was: Can you sing?” Shackleton knew the importance of illusion, laughter and happiness to deal with in difficult times. “Elsa Punset


post by Angeles Nieto

The benefits of the laugh

Laughing has physical and mental benefits. Move smoothly, move around 400 muscles, face, stomach and abdomen muscles. The smile cleans your eyes through tears, opens your nose and ear. It rejuvenates by stretching and stimulating the muscles of the face. The cramps produced by the smile move the diaphragm and strengthen the lungs and the heart. Laughing eliminates stress because it produces hormones like endorphins and adrenalins that have stimulatory properties. In addition, the laughter combats suffering, relaxes and shows the positive side of things. Thanks to the laughter, emotions are expressed and trust in yourself. The Laughter improves creativity and imagination. Together laughing promotes emotional bonds and facilitates communication between people. Darwin said that the function of laughter is the social expression of happiness. A laughing group has survival benefits over others who do not. Laughing is a social sign belonging to a group, which indicates acceptance between its members and facilitates positive interactions.

“The human race has a really effective weapon: laughing.” Mark Twain


post by Angeles Nieto

The Laugh Through History

Laughter and humor are as old as the human being. We can see the history through history well. More than 4000 years ago, in the Old Chinese Empire, there were temples where people gathered to laugh to find a balance in their health. In ancient cultures, the figure of the clown, a sorcerer was dressed and made up, who used smile therapies to heal sick fighters. During the Middle Ages the fear of hell governed the divine punishment. Then the smile was considered something harmful. Do you know the novel of Umberto Eco “The name of the rose”? The whole story revolves about a book forbidden at that moment, a book that shows the benefits of the laugh.

“The time you smile is the time you spend with the gods.” Japanese proverb


The laugh and creativity

Although it may seem strange, laugh and creativity are closely linked.

A.- The laugh, creativity and the brain

  1. Understanding the functioning of the brain as you smile lets you understand the resemblance to the creative process. It turns out that about one third of our brains “light up” when we laugh. The two halves of the brain are activated, but especially the right half gets an essential role. In the laugh, there are changes in the oxygenation of the blood, acting the neurons with greater intensity. Laughter also causes brainwaves similar to those we have when we meditate when we relax. The smile is connected to the front cortex of the brain cortex, which is also responsible for creativity. The creative process mechanisms help to process the succession of events, capture relationships between different activities and their consequences.

Your brains are creative


B.- Flexible thinking in creativity and humor

Humor does not follow the linear, traditional usual processes; humor stimulates flexible thinking and creativity. The smile, you can compare as a switch of your cognitive thought, so that your rational side is paralyzed in a certain way. We usually laugh if our brains recognize a wrong model that is not in place. Humor shows a new view that disrupted and discouraged the conventional discussion. The sudden mental changes that cause the humor are also present in creativity, we play with ideas, looking for surprising ideas. Humor is built on dissociation, the possibility that two ideas cross, so that the second changes the meaning of the first. Creativity works under the same mechanisms as a joke. In both cases, it involves connecting two seemingly unlinked ideas.

“The worst day is the one who is not laughed.” Chamfort


C.- Parallels between creativity and humor

There are people with humor who see the comic aspect of situations. They usually tell everyday of the stories of life, transforming them into a fun situation. This creative ability is expressed in the form of humor and is highly socially appreciated. That spark of humor is similar to the spark of creativity. Scientific psychology understands humor as a manifesto of intelligence, ingenuity and creativity. Many jokes are made as a dilemma for which the solution is given by the final resolution or final shot. Creativity also strives for a new and innovative solution to a problem.

“Laughing is an expression of freedom, exactly what allows us to play new ideas.” Penjon 1891



post by Angeles Nieto

D.- Why does the laugh boost your creativity: 9 keys

1.- Laughter fills you with adrenaline and mobilizes the neurons. It ensures that the brain is active and full of energy, including creative energy.

2.- The enjoyment of laughter makes your brain discover something new, dare to change and not leave for what has been learned and repeated. Creativity aims for innovation.

3.- Laughing allows us to accept crazy ideas or absurd ideas, easier elimination of prejudices, making it easy to think freely.

4.- The smile gives sense of satisfaction, joy and well-being and this gives you a positive feeling. If you’re happy, you’ll see the future with more optimism and make you feel like everything’s fine. You dare, trusting the new idea, you believe in yourself, gives you motivation for the adventure.

5.- The smile gives relaxation. Creativity is possible in moments of rest.

In relaxation, the brain can solve complex problems and get a state of receptivity. According to Zen philosophy, the secret of creativity stops struggling, considering the landscape and seeing how everything flows and connects.

10 Keys to find creative inspiration


6.- With the smile, brains become more flexible, reduces competition between areas, makes these interesting, innovative and surprising connections.

7.- Humor promotes spontaneity. It brings us closer to the game, to the experiment, to the new one.

8.- Thanks to the game, you make mistakes. Playing and stimulating is the cheapest and fastest way to make mistakes and is a need to learn and experiment.

9.- Humor, and especially satire, make you doubt about the basis of conventional wisdom, this lets you ask questions about the established and looking for innovation.

In this world of stress it seems difficult to find a time for the laugh. A child smiles averaged 300 times a day, adults 40 times. What do you think of the ability to create spaces and time for the smile? The smile gives confidence, deprives, relaxes and promotes creativity and innovative thinking.

Apply this secret formula: Laughing = Relaxation, Confidence, Adventure = Creativity

“Find the time to think, find the time to pray, find the time to laugh.” Mother Teresa of Calcutta











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