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I hear this phrase often by the Spanish national radio station, in the cultural program “La estación azul” by Ignacio Elguero or in the program “La Libelula” by Javier. www.radionacional.es I like this beautiful expression with double meaning.

Based on “Who reads lives more”, I made a series of paintings. In these work, our bodies are full of stories from the book, transform us and take us to another place.
Painting can also be a poet. Don’t you think?


The images are part of the Feeling Good Art Collection. These are unique paintings of 30 to 30 cm and 4 cm thickness. With this collection I experiment a lot with various techniques, different materials and different themes. I wanted to give the collection a special presentation, therefore they are sold in a beautiful box, and they are provided with a certificate of authenticity. Do you want to know more about this collection, please look at my site.
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The price of the work is € 295, including VAT.


Photos and art: Ángeles Nieto




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