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“We are material of the stars.” Our body, skin, bones…, are made of the same material, our spiritual life is born, grows and radiates in the same form. Together we are part of the universe, we are also stars. So big and so small, as small as one of the millions of lights in the cosmos, far in the dark-blue heaven, as large as the nearest sun, universe and individual.


We have life, we give off warmth. Everything moves, our heart beats, our blood flows, we breathe, the earth makes circles, it is light and dark, the sun comes, the moon comes. A journey in search of yourself, a journey of exploration in the world, and as the ultimate form of transference, flying, free from all borders and limits. (Freedom). And at night when the stars are seen, dreaming, dreaming as in a hibernation (a night of sleep), producing new energy, reliving experiences from one’s own body, back to the stars, back to our self.


Art: Ángeles Nieto, “Estrella Fugaz” (falling star) 90 x 130 cm; “Mapa” (map) 100 x 120 cm




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