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Wanda is intelligent, honest, with strong work ethic. Her dedication to the arts, her friendship, vital and familiar, with great sensitivity and complicity to the artist, makes her unique. A life given to art and for art.

Gallery Wanda Reiff works 40 years in the international artgallery world and in artcounseling to individual collectors. Was established in Hulsberg, Maastricht and Amsterdam with Dutch and international contemporary art.


Wanda Reiff was invited to participate in major international art fairs like Basel, Cologne, Madrid, Brussels and the Art-Rai. Presentations were also made in Japan, the United States and in many places in Europe. Wanda brought the avant-garde and combined that with good Dutch art. Collections which bought works: the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam – Abbe museum, Eindhoven – Oporto – Stockholm – Akzo, ABN / Amro Ingbank – ABP, DSM, Bouwfonds Nederlandse Gemeenten, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt. Many of the works from her own collection was requested for loan to international exhibitions in Brussels, Berlin, Budapest, Darmstadt, Edinburgh, Geneva, London, Lyon, Munich, New York, Paris, Rome, Stuttgart, Zurich.

What is art for you?

Arts, culture, science are necessary and important for the spiritual welfare of people. It expresses different ideas about the world around us. Arts and culture provide the opportunity to discover your own identity and develop, for example by watching and listening to others, theater, music, image, language or movement. Art has the unifying ability to teach people to function in a society of diversity and change. Art experience requires an open mind. Don’t you understand something, start again. Art irritates makes curious, raises questions, art makes happy. It evokes feelings.

You are always surrounded by artists, and in your house in France were always creatives. Are artists else?

Yes, certainly. They are always busy with their art. Work hard and when they are finished with a project they feel empty until they start a new project. They are often sensitive people, open and honest, and look at the world differently. They sometimes have difficulty with criticism because they put their soul into their work. Moreover, they are usually a good cook.

How are collectors?

Collectors are passionate, and are possessed by their collection. Even is their house full, they keep searching. One of my clients had become almost blind and had bought a new artwork. He wanted to know what I thought. I asked him why he had bought the work. His response was “I feel it. I can smell it. I know it.”

How is determined the price of a work of art?

There are some rules about what a drawing, graphics or a canvas should cost. This also depends on the reputation of the artist. At the moment a work is sold for a high price than will rise the prices of the artist. It’s a game between supply and demand. The prices of foreign artists are already determined by the foreign gallery that represents them. In the Netherlands we take over these prices. It is true that the prices can be manipulated. Thanks to the internet the market has now become clearer and purer. Art is not a luxury, it is important for your creativity and mental wellbeing.

Is there crisis in art?

It seems that in our current society art is undervalued, it is not necessary. But, what is a society without art and culture? What remains of man as it disappears.

What is your creativity?

Creativity: my children and grandchildren, friends, my garden, my home, my dog, my life surrounded by art, artists and art lovers.

Your gallery follows a certain trend?

Earlier yes, now I show art that moves me. I do not have any more a traditional gallery. I make presentations in my barn and that’s a meeting place where you talk about art. Once a year I organize the Plateau Kunstroute, a real great art event. Art-route PLATEAU MARGRATEN. Every year takes place the art route Wanda Reiff PLATEAU MARGRATEN, this year is the 10th edition. They are long days full of art on the Plateau of Margraten, (the Netherlands). The days are characterized by their informal structure, where visitors can enjoy art in a unique setting such as farmhouses, barns, attics, workshops, mills, castle and meadows, situated in a beautiful landscape. The artists will be present and talk about their work. This year marks the 29th & August 30. More information on www.wandareiff.nl

Kunstroute Plateau Margraten is a meeting place where artists present their work and talk about what they do. Beautiful locations and cozy. It is very interesting, definitely recommended!


Photos: Eugenie Duynstee/ Ángeles Nieto

Artworks: Lydia Schouten, Elly Strik, Hans Lemmen, Yvonne Mostard, Nathalie Fire


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