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We are all creative and can further enhance this capacity. Creativity gives value to humans. Creativity is an intellectual resource. A creative person creates new possibilities, is flexible and lively.

“Creativity can be learned as learning to read.
Ken Robinson

Importance of creativity

We all possess a talent, we have the opportunity to be creative.
Creative means to put the imagination to work, “see in the clouds,” a multitude of figures. Creativity is important.

Creativity is a practical process. It is the process of having original ideas that add value. Creativity works when there is curiousity, (open to the environment), passion, knowledge and dedication.

You must exercise creativity in school, in business and in everyday life. Being creative helps to solve problems, generate more ideas and concepts, it gives confidence to your potential to make a positive difference.

Creativity is everywhere, how to make an apple pie when there is no cinnamon, how to set up a cabinet with more things than actually fit, how to solve a business problem. Of course creativity also takes an important place in artistic, literary or scientific form, but this is not exclusive to any of these directions.

Illustration by Angeles Nieto

What is creativity?

The etymology of the word creativity comes from the Latin verb “creare”.
What is creativity? Creativity means beget. Beget represents fertilize, conceive, originate. Creativity is the germ, something new and different.

Creativity means the ability of the brains:
– For the creation of new ideas, concepts, conclusions
– Willingness to invent something (know how to use the mind)
– Troubleshooting in an original way.
New associations between existing ideas and concepts.
– In particular, the desire to transform the environment in innovative ways. Creative activity is deliberately targeted.

Ideas or invent new proposals are also seen as the ability to:
1. Inventiveness
2. Divergent thinking
3. Constructive imagination

1. Inventiveness
Inventiveness can be seen as a personality trait or as a product.
In science, sought answers through creativity and precise logical terms.

2. Divergent thinking
For psychology, divergent thinking is an activity based on the imagination, it is a new action or the same action, but seen from another side.

3. Constructive imagination
For sociology is constructive imagination due to the intervention of three elements: the field (social groups), the domain (the area or discipline) and the individual. An individual makes changes to a particular discipline and that change is received and analyzed by a social group. Hence the acceptance and the value of creativity in society.

Features of the creative person

It is said that creative people have common characteristics:
– Confidence
– Self-esteem
– Flexibility
– Ability to synthesize
– High capacity to make connections,
– Intuitive capacity
– Refined perception,
– Fantasy
– Critical thinking
– Intellectual depth, restless
– Interest in abstract sense of the outside world
– Convenience, (I’d use another word Game)
– Freedom, (I’d use another word: Flight / fly)
– Enthusiasm
– Tenacity

We are all born with a creative capacity that can be stimulated. There are many techniques that develop and strengthen creative ability. We can start by watching this video that is full of energy.


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Illustration: Angels Nieto




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