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Creative process

I am intrigued by the creative process, this is a mystery which I want to immerse myself. What happens when an artist stays for a white canvas, as born out of nothing. What ideas does an artist have before he starts. What thoughts and decisions are made while painting. What is the method, technique.
Look while creates the artist shows us much of what goes on in his head during the creation. In this little video of 4 minutes shows us Tápies during his work in his studio. These images are taken from a documentary produced by NDR, Germany.

To understand the creative process of each artist, it is necessary to know who this person is, in its context and to delve into the meaning of his work.


His starting point was the primitive art, art with a magical significance, as the first works of man in prehistoric cave paintings. The prehistoric paintings of Altamira
He creates a surface reminiscent of walls. These walls have always attracted Tápies, one who likes to see his style in relation to the meaning of his name Tápies (tapia = wall).
Signs posted on the wall, like the art of “graffiti”. His “graffiti” closeness of oriental calligraphy. The oriental influence is felt by him. Tàpies was always interested in Eastern religions and wisdom.
Tápies work reflects a concern for the problems of mankind. This was fueled by coming to the existentialist philosophy of Sartre (fear of life, the tragic fate of man), but it also gave the freedom of man to the importance of the individual, and the ability to act. He depicts the cosmos as unity, showing similarity with humans, its versatility. (The magical talismans of Tápies)

Other documentaries that you can interest perhaps to see how artists work

The Mystery of Picasso, his creative process
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Delving into creativity

Starting next week, I will publish a series of articles on the subject of creativity. I want to know the mystery of the creative process in the broadest sense, not just artistic. I want to know what it is, how it works, what it has to do with passion, is there a method to learn creativity, and how to stimulate it.
I think creativity is in all of us present.

PS – In May and June I will give give two workshops on creativity in Amsterdam and Thorn, Limburg (Netherlands). Soon more about that.

A beautiful Sunday!

Photo: Fundació Antoni Tàpies




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