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For the Feeling Good Art Collection, I made three paintings of these small cozy, typically Spanish local stores. (30 x 30 cm). The facade lets you imagine what happens inside, outside shows life on the streets. Another way of thinking about Pop Art.


I love these little shops, the shops with their history. Often family businesses, founded by the grandparents, the whole family depends on it. They take care of their products and customers without strategies of multinationals. I have photographed many of those shops. In Spain there are a lot of these companies, especially in small towns, but also in Madrid. Right now you’ll find the same chains in major cities, shops, but these local shops give personality to the city and transfer part of the heritage of the people and their stories.


This canvas is larger, 70 x 70 cm. I wanted to test the result on a larger canvas.


Photos and artwork: Ángeles Nieto


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