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Painting CASAS by Angeles Nieto

This is one of the new paintings that you can see this weekend at my exhibition in Amsterdam. Expo days in March. I wanted to create something close to “earth”, close to where I live. With colors inspired by sand, the meadows, inspired by the ground which I brought from Spain, I collect earth, and the work of Tàpies. The magical talismans of Tàpies.
I worked on canvas (115 to 160 cm) with pasta, sand, ink, acrylic and oil crayon.

There is always a piece of land that you love, where your feet are stuck to the ground, where you can plant your roots like a tree.
That’s your house, perhaps your homeland.
It is a place to walk and fly.
An own space. Where the moon shines and where is the sun. Where a red circle beats like a heart, in heaven and in your chest.
Casas, an own space, which gives us identity.

CASAS Painting by Angeles Nieto

Photos and art: Ángeles Nieto




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