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I present four new canvases for the Feeling Good Art Collection. These are original unique paintings by 30 to 30 centimeters and 4 cm thick. With this collection I experiment a lot with various techniques, different materials and different themes.
These four new works are inspired by nature, birds and fish.


If you look in a small stream, you sometimes see fish move as if they are dancing. The eye must first penetrate through the transparent layer of the water. Then you see fish, plants, a background, they are embraced by the water.
I wanted to show on the canvas these different layers. I have built this work in several levels, the first level is the canvas self, then written papers, then printed paper and finally painting. I have tried to preserve the transparency to keep the fluidity.
The idea of ​​water has encouraged me to use pastel colors, usually I use brighter shades. In one of the paintings I used acrylic golden hue.

I love working on this series. I can experiment almost infinite and discover lots of new visual stuff.

Would you like to know more about the development of the Feeling Good Art Collection, you can follow this on my website http://angelesnieto.nl/feeling-good/ or you can read previous articles on this subject: Passion on canvasSmall shopsBox with artwork as gift


Photos and paintings: Ángeles Nieto


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