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Painting serie Feeling good art collection Angeles Nieto

Everything is full of stories. They are collected as time goes on, day by day full of new experiences and memories. You can see these works during the exhibition today in Amsterdam (Entrepotdok 129) and Thorn (March 19 en 20, Baarstraat 13).

The images are part of the Feeling Good Art Collection. These are unique paintings of 30 to 30 cm and 4 cm thickness. With this collection I experiment a lot with various techniques, different materials and different themes. I wanted to give the collection a special presentation, therefore they are sold in a beautiful box, and they are provided with a certificate of authenticity. Do you want to know more about this collection, please look at my site.

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Paintings Feeling good art collection by Angeles Nieto

Photos, art: Ángeles Nieto




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