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Come and eat!

Do you like Sushi? A cup of lemon tea with fish or coffee with chocolate?

We spent the day eating with a Feel Good feeling and I thought, why not make new and updated still lifes.
Sometimes these are impossible scenes, others are images of things that I have at home, or poetic metaphors, or quite simply sushi that I like very much.


These images are part of the Feeling Good art collection.
I’ve painted with acrylics and inks. In one of them I embroidered the tea bag and some flowers. To embroider on canvas, it seemed almost logical.
In another picture I made an alphabet soup, paper letters pasted on the drawn plate.

The Feeling Good art collection consists of 30 x 30 centimeter canvases 4 cm thick, all unique paintings. Do you want to know more about this collection, look for my site.
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Have a nice dinner!


Photos and art: Ángeles Nieto




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