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Foto door Angeles Nieto

Do you want that your images are distinctive, powerful and convincing?

Photography and pictorial images have many common basic elements such as color, composition, light, rhythm. Photography and painting are images in two dimensions. When shooting, we demarcate a part of reality and with painting we do the same.

Working simultaneously with different artistic languages ​​make that we look differently at things, enriched and offers new possibilities. Photographing helps to improve your paintings.

Photo by Angeles Nieto

What are the secrets you enhance photos and paintings?

# 1. Look more, in different manner. Maximize your creativity with a photographic eye

Look like it’s the first time you’re there, be surprised by what there is. The key is to look and choose. First observe well the place, discover. When you see something interesting is that the time to grab the camera and look through the lens with the “photographic eye”.
Look good, not just towards the most important element, but also to everything around it. Focus, choose and think less is more. A good camera is not absolutely necessary. All photos in this article, except one, the grass, are taken with my phone, an iPhone.

# 2. Create a composition

Simplify what you see in lines. Do not fixate on the details, look for lines. Try those lines to get a relationship and create an interesting composition. Move through the room and look. Close a little your eyes, this can help to simplify the picture and do not lose in the details. Thanks to its composition, you can create depth, highlight the lines to create perspective.

# 3. Find different points of view, interesting perspectives

We are used to look and shoot from eye level. If we look from another point of view, we discover new things. Think of the position of a child of 4 years or a cat or a bird. Try to shoot from these perspectives and this creates surprising images.

# 4. Working with color

Notice the colors. Associate, courage, unite shades of the same color, for example green. Search contrasting colors that differ from each other. What about the blue of the sky and the green meadow. Which of these two colors you want to dominate your photo. Remember that colors can be divided into warm and cool shades, decide how they appear in your photo. Be aware of how colors can affect the reading of the image.

# 5. Play with rhythm

Play with the rhythms as if it were music.
There are many possible combinations, but remember that three is a magic number. It seems that the human mind is programmed to include concepts more easily if they are grouped in threes. Also know that the repetition of disparate elements can give interesting rhythms.

# 6. Use light

Everything in photography is light.
The size of the light source, the angle, the falls at the scene, the intensity, are all elements that determine how the picture will be. The same image, photographed at different times of the day provides different images. Be aware of this and use the light.
Dare to shoot with the sun in front of you, thus you can have amazing effects.

# 7. Take lots of pictures

Try. Repeat the same picture with small variations. Very close, further off, change the placement of the horizon line, zoom in, zoom out, take lots of pictures.

# 8. Analyze, organize, view

Analyze, organize, view your photos and look for the best. Find out why they are different, what do elements why others do not. Compare pictures, put them side by side on your screen, and watch them. Choose.

If you want to create interesting and attractive images, use these “keys”. It is a matter of experiment, practice and perfectionisme.

And you, are you using these techniques? Give your opinion in the comments.

Photos: Ángeles Nieto

Photo by Angeles Nieto




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