Do you know what I like to do? Communicating ideas and emotions while I get my hands dirty.

Creativity underlines (the) (your) life, and it will be deepened. It’s a game that I want to share with you.
I’m Angeles Nieto, artist / illustrator and art historian. I was born in Madrid, Spain and lived there until I was 23 years old. Already more than half my life in the Netherlands. Long time I have lived in cities (Madrid and Amsterdam) now on the country. I think contrasts make you richer, I’m not there or here, I’m from the two places. I love the culture, art and man. They are for me as structures in nature, the lungs of the world.

Blog Angeles Earth:
I am fascinated by images. The world teaches us things, it’s a matter of opening your eyes and feel. Art is communication. From the eye to the hand. Pictures are my words. Light, colors, shapes. Earth Angeles is a place on the globe, and a small piece of land art, a heart. A place for inspiration, everyday, feel, think and learn with roots in the South. Discover and enjoy. A fascinating journey. If you want, I will show it to you …

Short CV:
BA in Art History from the Complutense University of Madrid (1980-1985), graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. (1988-1993), a number of courses on art history and art practice.
– First prize illustration Top Drawers, Talent of the year, Amsterdam (1994)
– Nominated for the Academy Award Maastricht
– Winning design for Philips Calendar 1994 Philips, Eindhoven
– Prize of honor “Javanese Jongens Graphic Prize, Pulchri Studio” the Hague
– Articles about my work in professional magazines “Art View” and “Blad.”

– NS (the Dutch Railway)
– Bijenkorf (KBB)
– NOS (Dutch television) Sesame Street: Illustrations and animations
– Children’s books: “Een moeder om van te dromen” Published in Norway and the Netherlands and „Een geur van honing” special edition of Bijenkorf (KBB).
– Junkers Bosch Frankfurt.

– Several exhibitions in galleries, art fairs and companies in various locations in the Netherlands and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Spain and Japan). Among others the art fair of Catalonia, Gerona, exhibitions in Munich, Bonn and Madrid (Estampa), several solo exhibitions at the gallery Vonkel, the Hague and AquArtisGallery, Amsterdam.

– Shell, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
– Philips, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
– Siemens, The Hague (Netherlands)
– ABP, Heerlen (Netherlands)
– Red Cross, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
– PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
– NTS Group, Eindhoven (Netherlands)
– Technical University of Eindhoven (Netherlands)
– Takayama Reed Co., Ishikawa (Japan)
– Junkers Bosch, Frankfurt (Germany)
– Trollkohnskoppel, Kiesby, (Germany)

Art historian:
– Municipal Museum of Leganes (Madrid).
– Educational workshops at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid.

– Articles in “Flow Magazine”, ”Blad, “Art View”, “Chapeau”, ”Navenant ”De Limburger”…

About my work:
One of the first things that you see in my creations is the variety of materials and techniques. My work is acrylic on canvas, collages, bronze, wood engraving, screen printing, drawings in pencil and digital work. All these images have something in common: the vividness of the colors and shapes. My subjects are always people or animals, dreams referring to land, water and air. A style that I express with intense, hard and high contrast in colors. My Spanish roots have always influenced my work. The art comes from the head through the eye to the hand. With my work I give pieces of myself. I Work as if it’s a game, a conversation between what we think and what still needs to be created, always seeking balance. “We are stardust”. This is the basic idea of ​​my work. Our body is made of the same material as the heavenly bodies, they contain minerals, gas, we bones, skin. And we have feelings, emotions, like the stars give light to support life. In my work is the universe as the world of dreams, the flight as an expression of freedom, in my work, I think, the sun appears daily.

My site: www.angelesnieto.com


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